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Finding a seasoned Yuba City plumber who offers honest, exceptional work, high customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and over 35 years of experience is impossible without French Connection Plumbing.


French Connection Plumbing is the highest-rated plumbing contractor in Yuba City CA, where our expert plumbing contractors offer reliable, honest and speedy plumbing services that you and your Yuba City CA home can depend on, every time.


If your home is showing these signs, it likely means your plumbing is inadequate and needs professional assistance:


  • Leaky or Dripping Faucets

  • Slow Draining Sink(s)

  • Clogged Shower or Bath Drain

  • Clogged Garbage Disposal

  • Clogged Toilet

  • Running Toilet

  • Sewer System Backup

  • Too Low or Too High of Water Pressure

  • Leaky Pipes


Don’t wait for your plumbing problems to get worse and contact our professional Yuba City plumbing contractors today.

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Yuba City Drain Cleaning

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A clogged drain is often the result of grease, hair, oil, toilet paper, debris, tree roots and/or minerals that slowly build up over time.


If they’re not cared for or resolved properly, minor clogged drains can lead to major unpleasant disasters throughout your Yuba City CA home.


Prevent your drain and sewer lines from working at their full potential with French Connection Plumbing’s Yuba City drain cleaning services.


Clogged drains require a plumbing professional like us to fix the issue as accurately and efficiently as possible. Delaying the resolution to your clogged drains can lead to potential damages in other parts of your Yuba City CA home.


Depending on how minor or severe your clog is, our drain cleaning services include two techniques:


  • Plumbing Snake (minor): A plumbing or drain snake is a slim, flexible tool used to dislodge clogged drains.

  • Hydro Jet (major): portable machine that uses a high-pressure hose to clear a backed-up drain or sewer line.


Whether your home requires a plumbing snake or Hydro Jet, our drain cleaning services will minimize your drain blockages, get rid of any unpleasant odors throughout your home, keep you and your home healthy, and reduce any additional and costly plumbing expenses.

Drain Camera Yuba City CA

Leaks that go unnoticed or neglected can lead to costly expenses.


French Connection Plumbing’s innovative drain camera provides a real-time glance to ensure efficient plumbing repairs for your Yuba City home.


Our plumbing professionals use a high-quality, waterproof camera to locate, and ultimately seal, any hidden leaks within your pipes.


The plumbing camera is designed to withstand the greasy, congested conditions of a sewer pipe while collecting HD videography that exposes subtle signs of pipe deterioration and damage.


The footage is fed through a fiber optic cable to a screen where our plumbing experts can analyze the environment in real-time, immediately. Our Yuba City clients can also look through the footage to see the condition of their pipes during this time, as well.


French Connection Plumbing will carefully navigate through the pipe(s) and note any areas that require attention so that we can plan a resolution as quickly as possible.

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