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Drain Cleaning Sacramento CA

Clogged drains aren’t pleasant to look at, smell or touch, let French Connection Plumbing do the dirty work for you.


As the leading plumbing repair and emergency drain service in Sacramento, CA, French Connection Plumbing offers nothing short of honest, competitive pricing, decades of experience, and total customer satisfaction.


When you experience a clogged drain, it’s often due to grease, oil, hair, toilet paper, debris, tree roots, or mineral build-up. Prevent your drain and sewer lines from being disabled to work at their full potential with French Connection Plumbing’s top-quality drain cleaning services.


A clogged drain requires experienced plumbing professionals to fix the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t waste your time and risk the potential damage to other parts of your home and contact the best plumber in Sacramento, CA, French Connection Plumbing.

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Drain Cleaning Services Sacramento

Clogged drains and sewer lines that are left untreated can cause even worse problems to not only your household but also its occupants. 


Drain backups can cause flooding and eventually deteriorate the interior and exterior of your home, requiring even more damage repair costs. Molding from a clogged drain can also cause various dangerous health problems, so it’s in your best favor to go straight to the plumbing pros.


Get the drain cleaning job done right the first time with French Connection Plumbing.


French Connection Plumbing provides top-notch drain cleaning services in the Sacramento, CA, area.


The experienced plumbing professionals at French Connection Plumbing use two major techniques for clearing drains and clogs: HydroJet & Plumbing Snake

Hydro Jet


Most people are typically familiar with plumbing snakes and plungers for drain cleaning, but if your clogged drain requires something heftier, a Hydro Jet is the answer. 


A Hydro Jet is a portable machine that uses a high-pressure hose to clear a backed-up drain or sewer line. The Hydro Jet hose has a specialized nozzle with multiple outlets that produce very powerful blasts of water in all directions in order to remove stubborn drain buildup.

At French Connection Plumbing, we use a high-powered gas engine to propel water through our sturdy Hydro Jet hose. The hose’s jet shoots the water in four different directions, reaching even the tightest areas of a clogged drain or sewer line. The water pressure from a Hydro Jet is also stronger than the power of a pressure washer, allowing all the food, gunk, and grime to come off of your pipes.

Plumbing Snake


A plumbing or drain snake is a slim, flexible tool used to dislodge clogged drains. If a plunger wasn’t any help initially, a difficult clog can be loosened with a plumbing snake. 


At French Connection Plumbing, we use the finest quality steel snake cable and sharp heads to clear even the nastiest of clogs. Typically, we feed the snake into kitchen-lines or sewer-lines, depending on where the backup is occurring.


Snaking is an effective method that’s been around for years and is used to clear minor clogs, unlike the clogs that require the help of a Hydro Jet.


What you have to keep in mind about plumbing snakes is that they have the potential to cause reoccurring drain issues. Even if you think that you’ve taken care of your clogged drain issue, you could be wrong without even realizing it. A snake can punch a hole through the clog, but it may not remove everything that it necessarily needs to, leaving you with another clog in a few months. 


You need a plumbing professional like French Connection Plumbing to fix the job for you properly the first time so that you don’t run into any reoccurring issues. French Connection Plumbing can even check your pipes with our drain camera to reassure you that your pipes are in good condition at the end of our drain cleaning services.

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Residential and Commercial Financing Options Now Available!

Professional Drain Cleaning 

Getting your clogged drains cleaned by a professional is the best decision that you can make for many reasons. Reap the many benefits of a professional plumbing and drain cleaning service so that you can rest easy knowing that you and your home are good hands.


Minimize Blockages


Cleaning your drains regularly prevents major blockages from building up. Even the smallest blockages have the potential to create detrimental problems for you and your home. Some people are comfortable with maintaining a steady flow by using chemical drain cleaners and the plumbing pros are here to tell you that is not the smartest idea. The chemicals in the cleaner will eventually break your pipes down and cause you to contact a plumbing professional to fix an even bigger issue. Save yourself the time and money by contacting French Connection Plumbing and we’ll ensure that your drains are always in great condition.


Get Rid of Odors


Waste and non-organic material that gets stuck inside of your pipes can get smelly over time. Regular drain cleaning gets rid of nasty odors to make your home smell fresh and clean again.


Keep Your Home & Yourself Healthy


Did you know that bacteria that grows in drains can be harmful to you and your health? When sewer lines back up into your home, you have to understand the harmful disease and bacteria that comes along with it. Keep yourself and your home healthy by getting your drain cleaning done by a professional at French Connection Plumbing so that you can prevent any potential backup damages done to you and your home.


Reduce Additional, Unnecessary Costs


Severely clogged drains rarely go away on their own. If you keep avoiding paying for a preventative drain cleaning service, you’ll have to pay for much more later on in the future. Eventually, clogged drains cause even bigger damages like flooding and water damage issues to your home. When issues like these arise, even more money comes out of your pocket during the clean-up process. Don’t waste your time and money and contact French Connection Plumbing.

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Best Drain Cleaning Service 

French Connection Plumbing is there to tackle your drain cleaning so that you don’t have to.


Never try to tackle a major clog on your own and never leave a clog untreated for long, as it can cause even worse damage to your home and your health. 


French Connection Plumbing is the best drain cleaning service in the Sacramento, CA, area, and we are here to take care of your clogged drains so that you and your home can both remain in good health.

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