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Sewer Line Repair Sacramento

No homeowner wants to deal with plumbing malfunctions, especially when pricey repairs are in the question.


Sewer line plumbing can get complicated, expensive and messy if your household is experiencing unexpected sewer line issues.


Your household’s plumbing stretches beyond the pipes that are inside your home and around your property, but the most common sewer line problems usually begin in the main sewer line.


Complications within your sewer pipes can go unnoticed, develop over time, and cause more detrimental damages to your home than initially anticipated.

Damaged sewer lines can result in busted pipes, costly repairs, and a sewage-flooded home where you’d have to dispose of any belongings in contact with the foreign waste.

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Ease your mind and trust the professionals at French Connection Plumbing to tackle your sewer line issues and to prevent any plumbing nightmares from happening in the future.

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection

French Connection Plumbing has been servicing the city of Sacramento for over 35 years with our sewer line inspection and replacement services.


Our innovative resources allow us to provide our clients with camera work, where we peek into your sewer pipes with a small HD camera to detect and inspect any obstructions that could lead to bigger sewer line issues in the future.


French Connection Plumbing will also fill out a sewer line inspection report to ensure that the homeowners fully understand what is going on in their sewer lines.


Camera work sewer line inspections are the most efficient way to diagnose the culprit in your sewer line, as the live camera footage allows our technicians to see every angle of your pipes.


Sewer line inspections are a helpful way to monitor whatever is flowing through your pipes to make certain that messy sewer plumbing emergencies never occur in your home.


In the event of a sewer plumbing emergency, you’ll need an expert that is ready to solve the issue as fast as possible, without breaking the bank.


French Connection Plumbing is Sacramento’s top-rated plumber who is on standby seven days a week to ensure that your emergency plumbing situations are under the control of an experienced professional.  

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Residential and Commercial Financing Options Now Available!

Sewer Line Replacement

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Having access to an adequately working sewer line is necessary for daily activities in your life.


If you didn’t have a functioning sewer line connected to your home, you wouldn’t be able to take a shower, bath, wash your hands, do the laundry, the list goes on.


Soon enough, you and your home would surrender to your sewer pipes.


If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer line, don’t wait to replace worn out, old sewer pipes because it could lead to bigger problems for you and your home.

Sewer line issues can become destructive within hours and French Connection Plumbing’s technicians are qualified to fix your sewer plumbing issue as quickly as possible.

After we inspect your pipes and diagnose the issue, we’ll perform a full sewer line replacement to get your sewer line back up and running how it should be.


We have all the tools, resources and technologies to install state-of-the-art plumbing in your home.


If you have an old cast iron or Orangeburg pipe, upgrade to our durable ABS pipe instead. Not only will your sewer line look better, but it will save you money by flowing smoother and easier.


The sewer line replacement contractors at French Connection Plumbing take pride in their dedication by providing the best local plumbing service in Sacramento.


Sewer Line Replacement Trenchless


If you have a sewer line that is tough to reach and underneath your driveway/yard, French Connection Plumbing has your solution.


Trenchless sewer line installation is a process where we burrow under the surface with a special machine in order to get to your sewer lines. 


We only dig enough to make the connections, so don’t worry about your property getting torn apart with unsightly trenches in your yard.


French Connection Plumbing will treat your home like their own by keeping your property intact and beautiful during our visit.

Sewer Line Repair Options

If French Connection Plumbing decides that your sewer line is sturdy but only has a few bumps and/or cracks, we will perform a sewer line repair to ensure that your pipes don’t worsen at any point.


Trenchless Sewer Line Repair


A trenchless sewer line repair might be the best solution if your sewer line is hard to reach. 


We will only dig far enough to make the connections to your line so that we can resolve the issue promptly and professionally.

Broken Sewer Line Symptoms

If you’re suspect about the state of your sewer lines, there are various clogged sewer line symptoms that you can look out for:


  • Sewage Backup & Blockages: It is not normal if your sewage backs up every time you flush the toilet and the problem could be your main sewer line. The main sewer line allows your home’s drains to work properly and if you experience blockages in more than one drain, there is an issue with your main sewer line.

  • Foul Odors: No odors should escape the airtight pipes of a main sewer line. If you start to notice a foul smell in your home, it could be signs of a leak in the main sewer line. Rotten eggs are the scent to look out for when it’s time to call a plumber!

  • Slow Drains: Slow drains could be a common plumbing issue easily fixed with a plunger or drain cleaner. If these simple unclogging methods don’t work to clear the drain, the issue could be a deeper blockage in the main sewer line that requires a professional’s opinion. 

  • Lush Green Patches in Yard: Sewage acts as a great fertilizer and if your yard is looking more lush than usual, it may not be a great thing. A leaking sewer line could fertilize certain parts of your yard by making it look patchy and lush in some places, and average in others.

  • Indented Lawn: If your main sewer line is cracked, it’ll saturate the soil around it and cause your yard to dissipate and dip in certain areas. If you notice any shifts in your lawn where your sewer line is buried, call a plumber like French Connection Plumbing.

  • Foundation Cracks: A damaged sewer line can cause structural damage to your home without you even realizing it. Untreated broken sewer lines can cause cracks and deterioration in your home’s foundation.

  • Sewage Waste Pooling: An obvious broken sewer line symptom is pooling sewage in your yard. A puddle that is lingering and smelly could be the sign that your main sewer line is cracked. 

  • Broken sewer line symptoms can go beyond the ones that we mentioned, but if you know how to pinpoint the signs of a broken sewer line, then your sewage system should never go out of control.


If common plumbing fixes aren’t resolving your sewer line issues, contact a professional like French Connection Plumbing, and we’ll take care of the dirty work so you never have to.

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