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Re-piping Plumbing

Updated: May 10, 2022

Repiping is a common project for plumbers. As homes age, repiping becomes not a matter of if, but when. It’s vital to work with a professional plumber that is familiar with materials built to last. French Connection Plumbing recommends repiping your water lines with Wirsbo or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). This material is reliable and durable compared to CPVC and copper which can crack and cause disastrous leaks. Plus, the installation is much easier because it’s flexible, doesn’t involve messy glue or hot work and requires few fittings.

In colder climates where there is potential for water freezing in the pipes, rigid copper and CPVC pipes will crack and leak. Whereas, if you repipe with PEX, you can prevent these issues because they can expand up to three times their original size.

Wirsbo or PEX is a great alternative and is inexpensive compared to copper lines, which in turn makes your pocketbook happy. Plus, in an emergency situation PEX piping can be installed faster. PEX piping has a 1 year warranty with the exception of a rat issue. Call us for details on our warranty.

When you need to repipe your water lines, the choice between PEX, CPVC and copper is clear but ultimately it’s up to the homeowner. Our expert certified plumbers are experienced and will advise customers on the best methods, materials and plan to make sure the repiping job is done correctly and satisfactory.


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