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Remodeling & Finish Work Plumbing

Updated: May 10, 2022

Remodeling your home is definitely a significant undertaking. When it comes to our bathroom and kitchen remodels, it can become complicated. To get your desired results, it may require removing a wall with pipes, or running a new waterline, adding fixtures etc or, maybe adding an entirely new bathroom. Hiring a professional and certified plumber is essential to help alleviate stress and not add to it. French Connection Plumbing will work with you every step of the remodeling process to ensure your plumbing and fixtures are installed correctly to your satisfaction.

Most homeowners know the common places where pipes are visible but may not know that there is an intricate network of pipes that run through the house such as the foundation ceiling and walls, to deliver water to all areas of your home including exterior faucets. So if you are wanting to add a new water line (inside or out) or moving an existing one, you need a professional plumber with the right equipment to look in the pipes that are not visible.

Some remodels only require updated fixtures and may not need new lines installed. You may be satisfied with the existing location of the waterlines but would like new more attractive fixtures for a fresh new look or low-flow fixtures that conserve water.

Whether you have a minor or major remodel, French Connection Plumbing can help. Some remodels require moving or adding plumbing fixtures like toilet, sink, washer and dryers. And just like you need an expert electrician for electrical lines, you will need an expert plumber to make sure Our trained technicians are up to date with all the codes, regulations and specifications so you can rest easy knowing your remodel project is in safe hands. You hand pick the fixtures you desire and we install them, it’s that simple.

Adding new features to your home is exciting and should be a process you look forward to. But sometimes the task of hiring a trusted professional can add stress and anxiety. Working with French Connection Plumbing will ease your stress and help restore the excitement back to the remodeling process.

We also have a trusted network of sub-contractors for tile work as well as other specialists for all your needs. Need a sub-contractor? Ask us!

French Connection Plumbing is a full service plumbing company that can assist with all of your plumbing needs.


Reliable, Honest and Competitively Priced Local Plumbing Service.

Whatever plumbing issue you have, it’s important to work with an experienced local plumber trained licensed and insured.

French Connection Plumbing has the credentials, experience and has earned 5 star reviews from customers. We also hold an A+ Business rating with the BBB.

French Connection Plumbing is Your Premier Local Plumber.

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