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Hydro Jet Service in Fair Oaks and surrounding areas!

Hydro Jet


Most people are typically familiar with plumbing snakes and plungers for drain cleaning, but if your clogged drain requires something heftier, a Hydro Jet is the answer. 


A Hydro Jet is a portable machine that uses a high-pressure hose to clear a backed-up drain or sewer line. The Hydro Jet hose has a specialized nozzle with multiple outlets that produce very powerful blasts of water in all directions in order to remove stubborn drain buildup.

Best Hydro Jet Plumbing Service 

At French Connection Plumbing, we use a high-powered gas engine to propel water through our sturdy Hydro Jet hose. The hose’s jet shoots the water in four different directions, reaching even the tightest areas of a clogged drain or sewer line.


The water pressure from a Hydro Jet is also stronger than the power of a pressure washer, allowing all the food, gunk, and grime to come off of your pipes.

French Connection Plumbing is ready to solve your plumbing issues with care, experience, and dedication to get the job done right the first time.


Don't take on a major drain clog on your own, and never leave it untreated for too long, because it will cause even worse damage to your home and your health. 


French Connection Plumbing is the best Hydro Jet service in Fair Oaks CA, and the surrounding areas. We are here to take care of your clogged drains so that you and your home can both remain in good health.

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