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Water Main Leak

The “Water Main” is your home's primary water source. The water main is a large pipe that connects to your service pipe, which carries water from the main to your home. Since the water main is the connecting line between your home’s water supply it is critical to fix any leaks that may occur as quickly as possible. 


If your water main is leaking, you could risk significant damage and lose the water supply to your home. Don’t wait, call the experts at French Connection Plumbing at (916) 833-7618.

No job too big or too small - we do it all at French Connection Plumbing. Service location areas and beyond! Auburn, Folsom, Rocklin, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Sacramento, Yuba City, Marysville, and all surrounding areas.

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Best plumbing service to fix your water main leak.

Water Main Leak Detection & Repair

Over time, the water pipes that are used to connect your home to the main water line may begin to degrade or deteriorate causing damage or breaks. Once this happens, you will have water line leaks in your home that can be potentially catastrophic.

When the Water Main leaks, act fast to prevent further damage to your home and or property.

According to the EPA, 10% of households waste more than 90 gallons of water each day due to leaks!

Can you imagine 90 gallons of water silently leaking into your home or business?  

It may seem overwhelming and daunting to figure out a water main leak if you don’t know what to look out for. But finding the source of a water main leak quickly will help prevent extensive water damage in your home.


Don’t worry, this is where we thrive! Our team of expert plumbing technicians at French Connection Plumbing are ready to get the job done right. We’ll make sure your water main leak gets repaired fast!

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What are some signs of a Water Main Leak? 
If you suspect a water main leak, it’s always wise to call a plumber immediately. We also highly recommend routine checks on your home's plumbing system to prevent issues. 

Below are some signs to watch for:
Water puddles or damp, wet areas - If you notice damp, wet areas in your home it’s most likely a leak that needs immediate attention. Water puddles in your home or on your property, are also a sign of a serious problem. You may have major issues with your water main. Call us fast to diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

Bubbling sound or Hissing sounds coming from pipes - If you hear bubbling sounds or a weird hissing sound coming from the walls, ceiling, or floor of your home, it may be a burst pipe. But not all leaks are loud, they can be very sneaky and silent so if you suspect a leak it’s best to call a plumber fast before it gets worse. 

Mold and Mildew - Health hazards from leaks are not worth the risk to your home or your health. When a pipe leaks for an extended period of time, mold and mildew will start to grow in that area and can lead to not only problems in your home but also pose a serious health risk.

Dirty or Discolored Water - Since your water main line connects with the public water supply directly, one of the signs to watch out for is dirty or discolored water. When there is a leak in your water main, dirt and debris will find their way into your water and affect the water quality of your supply.

Low Water Pressure - One of the primary signs of any water leak, especially a water main leak, is low water pressure. If you notice a significant change in your water pressure, it’s time to call the experts right away. Call French Connection Plumbing (916) 833-7618.

Cracks in the Foundation - When water seeps into the concrete (or any material) from a leak, it causes cracks in the foundation. If you suspect a main water leak, call a plumber right away.

Increased Water Bill - If you notice your water bill has increased drastically, and there’s no reasonable explanation, you should definitely call French Connection Plumbing immediately.

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse!
Once you notice a water main leak, get it fixed before it becomes any worse. We know it’s stressful, we are here to help alleviate the stress and get the job done right. 

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Emergency Plumbing Service is Available! Call French Connection Plumbing at (916) 833-7618

Hire the experts at French Connection Plumbing. Not only will we fix the water main leak, we also offer preventive measures to help prevent leaks in your home or business. No job too big or too small - we do it all at French Connection Plumbing your Water Main Leak Specialists. 

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