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Top Out Plumbing: by French Connection Plumbing

Plumbing is complicated and most of the time, you need a professional to ensure that your home is protected from any plumbing disasters.


If you are around the Sacramento area and in need of a great plumber, French Connection Plumbing is the one to contact for all your plumbing needs.


While plumbing may be performed similarly around the nation, there are interchangeable terms in plumbing that can mean similar or different things.


Let’s run over the basics of adding plumbing vent pipes to a new home or construction remodel.


Plumbing new construction typically requires three stages of plumbing during the construction or remodel of a new space.

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#1. Underground Rough-In: This process occurs prior to the foundation being poured. Underground rough-in requires a plumber to locate the supply and waste connections and establish where these systems will enter and leave the building.

#2. Aboveground Rough-In (Top Out Plumbing): The second step requires plumbing vent pipe installation and bringing ground plumbing up through the vents. Top out plumbing requires a plumber to:

·      Cut holes in the walls/ceilings/floors to attach pipes for connection to fixtures,

·      Install the pipe for the building’s supply and waste system,

·      Use welding tools to join pipes or special chemicals for plastic pipes,

·      Operate power machines, torches and other power tools.

#3. Finish (Trim Out or Trim Finish): The third and final step is when plumbers install fixtures and household appliances throughout the new construction.

What is Top Out Plumbing?

Top out plumbing and plumbing vent pipe installation occur during the second stage of plumbing, where the home is still in its frame.


Aboveground plumbing rough-in and top out plumbing ensure that the water supply and drainpipe connections have been made throughout the frame of the house. 


No sinks, faucets or other fixtures are installed during this phase because the construction requires a top out plumbing inspection before any fixtures are added.


A top out plumbing inspection ensures that code is followed and that the installations are properly engineered.


Whenever you choose French Connection Plumbing for your top out plumbing needs, you are guaranteed honesty, quality and Sacramento plumbing code adherence.

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Residential and Commercial Financing Options Now Available!

Plumbing Vent Pipe Installation 

You may not realize how or why vent pipes play a crucial role in your plumbing system.


Whether it is the toilet or bathtub, each fixture in your home is supplied with air through your pipes in order to exhaust or equalize pressure.


Plumbing vent pipes pressurize your system so that your waste and water can drain properly.  


Each time you flush your toilet or drain your tub full of water, the air in your vent pipes force the waste down into the septic tank. 


If your plumbing vent pipes aren’t supplying your plumbing system with air, the fixtures in your home would experience a slow drain or variety of other issues.


To function properly, you need a professional like French Connection Plumbing to perform a plumbing vent pipe installation that will last in your home for years to come.

Plumbing Vent Pipe Clogged

We often have clients asking us, “How do you tell if your plumbing vent is clogged?”


There are various signs of poorly vented plumbing drain lines that can resemble other plumbing malfunctions.


Finding and fixing the problem requires getting into dangerous parts of your home with power tools, but a professional plumbing contractor who knows what they are doing can promptly resolve your issue.


If you notice any signs of poorly vented plumbing drain lines, contact French Connection Plumbing and we will inspect your plumbing to ensure that your home’s ventilation is properly working.


Slow Drains


Slow drains can mean various things in plumbing, but either way, it isn’t good.


If your drains are clearing slowly and the usual methods of unclogging haven’t worked, a blockage in your drain may not be the issue.


Obstructed vent pipes could be causing pressure fluctuation in your drainage system which restrict the free flow of air, water and waste.


Unexplained Odors


Sewer-like odors may be permeating throughout your home because of dry drain traps underneath your sink. If you notice a funky smell coming from your sink, trapped waste in your pipes could be the issue.


Bubbling Drains


A poorly vented plumbing drain line will cause your drain pipes to bubble or gurgle even after your sink or tub have been emptied. The air pressure in your poorly vented pipes will try to equalize by gurgling or bubbling up the drains even when idle.


Poor Toilet Performance


If flushing your toilet seems weak and the water in the bowl bubbles or takes time to rise back to level, free flow from the sewer line may be inhibited by a blocked vent.


You should be able to tell when your plumbing vent pipe clogged because of these four indicators. 


Plumbing can be tricky and unpredictable, so you should never try to fix your plumbing vent pipes on your own.


If you need a second opinion on your plumbing concerns, contact French Connection Plumbing and we will make sure that your plumbing ventilation is working as it should be. 

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