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Fair Oaks Plumber

Are you a homeowner searching for a seasoned plumber who offers honest, competitive pricing, over 35 years of experience, exceptional work and high customer satisfaction?

French Connection Plumbing is here for all of your plumbing needs if you’re residing in or around the Fair Oaks CA area.

Our expert plumbers offer reliable, honest and speedy service that you and your Fair Oaks CA home can dependably count on, every time.

Fair Oaks Plumbing

Instead of waiting for your plumbing problems to get worse, know the signs of when it is time to call a professional plumber like us!

The plumbing experts at French Connection Plumbing do what we can to offer our Fair Oaks clients same or next day service, whenever it is possible for us to do so.

If you’re in need of an emergency plumber, French Connection Plumbing is open 7 days per week to offer clients our Emergency Drain Service, all you have to do is call or text this phone number: 916-833-7618.

Plumber in Fair Oaks CA

If you’re unsure if your plumbing is malfunctioning, we can also come to your home, look at your pipes and troubleshoot the potential issues.

Otherwise, you can try to troubleshoot on your own, we just recommend that you don’t perform any actual plumbing work without a professional’s assistance, it can get dangerous.

Inadequate plumbing signs are easy to spot, here are the most common:

  • Leaky or Dripping Faucets

  • Slow Draining Sink(s)

  • Clogged Shower or Bath Drain

  • Clogged Garbage Disposal

  • Clogged Toilet

  • Running Toilet

  • Sewer System Backup

  • Too Low or Too High of Water Pressure

  • Leaky Pipes

Whether your plumbing issue is major or minor, French Connection Plumbing is experienced and certified to handle it all.

Ignoring the signs of faulty plumbing could turn a minor problem into a major plumbing emergency.

Instead of taking your chances, you could be proactive and potentially avoid any expensive and/or detrimental damages to your home.

Keep in mind that once your home is damaged with water coming from leaky pipes or drains, it's fairly difficult to reverse the ruins.

Emergency Plumber Fair Oaks CA

French Connection Plumbing offers an Emergency Plumbing Service if you have a plumbing issue that needs attention as soon as possible.

Plumbing problems can transform into household catastrophes within hours or even minutes!

A leaky or clogged drain can go from a minor issue to an overflowing disaster, ruining everything around your home.

The experts at French Connection Plumbing understand what your Fair Oaks home means to you and we are always dedicated to protecting it.

Don’t take your chances by ignoring your plumbing concerns and trust French Connection Plumbing to fix your problems, on the spot.

For more information, contact us on our website or give us a call at 916-833-7618.


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