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Preparing your Plumbing for Fall & Winter Weather

Oftentimes, we forget how the colder weather can challenge our homes and impact our daily lives. Controlling ALL aspects of your home at ALL times is hard, impossible work, so damages that happen out of our control are understandable. When it comes to plumbing, if you’re unprepared for the fall and winter weathers, you can potentially end up with clogged drains, damaged pipes, or even worse – flooding! 

Atrocious plumbing and piping damages can occur to your home if you’re unprepared for weather changes!

With over 35 years of plumbing experience, French Connection Plumbing is here to service the greater Sacramento, CA, area! We offer competitive, honest pricing, and the customer service satisfaction of a lifetime!

Don’t neglect your drains and pipes during the colder seasons to the point of no return! Leaking or burst pipes can lead to detrimental damages to your home that you’ll forever regret. 

You can take precautions on your own or rely on French Connection Plumbing to take the proper preventative plumbing steps to ensure the safety you and your home deserve.

Prep your Pipes

The pipes in your Sacramento home are essentially designed for normal (not-too-hot, not-too-cold) temperatures. While the pipes in today’s age are capable of handling cooler temperatures, they’re not built for it year-round, so there is always risk of a pipe rupture. 

The costs and inconveniences for repairing a burst pipe and flooded home are far greater than the maintenance and occasional check-up to make sure that everything plumbing-related in your home is running smoothly. Investing your time in your home to ensure adequate plumbing is something that is simple and easy!

The exterior of a home is the most common area where pipes can burst. As we move into the cooler seasons, turn off any water sources that move through your exterior pipes such as a hose or sprinkler. If you have interior plumbing that are near the exterior of your home or in an area where temperatures drastically drop, cover them with insultation as it will prevent freezing and ultimately lower the potential of a pipe bursting. 

Keeping an eye on the weather is also crucial! You can better prepare yourself and your home if you’re aware of a potential temperature drop. If you’re planning a trip during the cooler season and won’t be home to supervise your pipes, it is advisable to leave your water on at a slow trickle to keep the water flowing and to minimize the risk of a flood.

Check your Water Heater

You may not understand how a standard water heater works, but French Connection Plumbing sure does! We have experience installing any type of water heater whether its gas, electric or tank-less, so we assure you that we know when a water heater is in good or bad quality and shape.

Contact French Connection Plumbing to ensure that your water heater is running optimally. We’ll check your tank for any potential damages or repairs and make sure that your household has a steady flow of warm water during the cooler seasons! 

Check Plumbing 

Periodically checking your plumbing is just as important as prepping your pipes for upcoming, cooler temperatures. Although Sacramento doesn’t get as chilly as other parts of the nation, there are still significant temperature drops that impact the area’s plumbing, so it’s a good idea to get your drains and pipes checked by a plumbing professional at least once a year! 

Plumbing issues can go unnoticed for months and the last scenario that you want is to be renovating and repairing damages all over your home because of erupted pipes. 

Call French Connection Plumbing today to further discuss preventative steps you should take to prep your Sacramento plumbing for the seasons of fall and winter! Whether we need to do a quick check up, drain your pipes, or insulate certain areas of your home that are prone to freeze, French Connection is here to make the chillier seasons easier on you.


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