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Sewer Line Inspection, Replacement, Trench-less

Updated: May 10, 2022

Sewer-Line Inspection

Using state of the art camera work, we are able to see into your sewer line and detect any current uses as well as any potential issues. If there is an obstruction, we’ll find it!

Sewer line inspections are necessary to keep undesirable, messy sewer plumbing emergencies, sewer emergencies do happen and you need experts ready to solve the plumbing emergency fast, without breaking the bank. Our certified technicians are able to diagnose the cause of your sewer line plumbing by running a high-clarity, water-proof camera into your sewer line. A small HD TV streams live footage back to the technician producing immediate visual access.

Sewer-Line Replacement

Your sewer line is a very important necessity to your everyday life. When an old, worn out sewer line needs to be replaced, don’t wait. French Connection Plumbing’s team of certified plumbing technicians are qualified to get the job done right. We are experienced and dedicated to serving our customers by providing the best local plumbing service.

If you have an old cast iron or Orangeburg pipe, upgrade to our durable ABS pipe instead. Not only will your sewer-line look better, it will flow better as well saving you money.

Trench-Less Sewer-Line

You don’t have to endure unsightly trenches in your yard trying to replace your sewer line. If your sewer line is under your driveway or yard, don’t worry. French Connection has the solution to keep your driveway in tact and yard beautiful.

Our expert trained local plumbing employs some of the best plumbers in town. Each certified and specializing in plumbing services. Trench-less sewer-lines being one of the best solutions for your sewer line. We burrow under the concrete with a special machine and only dig enough to make the connections, that’s it.

Whatever sewer line trouble you are experience, we can help!


Reliable, Honest and Competitively Priced Local Plumbing Service.

Whatever plumbing issue you have, it’s important to work with an experienced local plumber trained licensed and insured.

French Connection Plumbing has the credentials, experience and has earned 5 star reviews from customers. We also hold an A+ Business rating with the BBB.

French Connection Plumbing is Your Premier Local Plumber.

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